A new routine: the adult chore chart

As I get back into my routine of being a SAHW & soon-to-be-SAHM I needed to get the chore calendar and cleaning routine down before The Bump arrives…plus I am nesting like crazy right now.  And it’s so overwhelming that I don’t know where to start!

So to Pinterest I went!  And I found a great chart here, but wanted to tweak it a bit.  There were a lot more Nightly chores than I wanted to tackle at night…I like spending time with my new Hubby, and our evenings are for our favorite shows and snuggling.  So here is my finished adult chore chart:

cleaning calendar


We are starting to implement this new routine this week, along with this new schedule:

weekly schedule


I hope that in scheduling things like working out, blog time, and office hours I can stick to them.  Time management has always been a weakness for me, so perhaps this will help keep me on schedule!  Do ya love how I scheduled actual “lazy time” into our weekend…and I know for a fact that we will use it!!

Of course this will go out the window once The Bump arrives, but I do hope that we can re-work it and keep The Bump on a good schedule.

Do you have a weekly chore chart at home?  Do you post a weekly schedule for the family to follow?


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