Trekkers Unite! And a DIY


OMG!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am!!  The Star Trek: Into Darkness Premier was last night…and boy oh boy have The Hubby & I been looking forward to it!!  Sadly, The Hubby couldn’t make it due to work, but I went and hung out with great friends, and new ones too!

Live long & Prosper!!

No spoilers…but it was AWESOME!!

And now for the  DIY…well it’s not a new DIY, remember when I made Maternity Tees?  I just applied the same technique here to my NEW Trek Tees for the premier last night, and the show this weekend that The Hubby and I will be attending.

Live long & Prosper       Chill out, I got this!

I loved the Spock photo on this tee from Target, I imagined Spock actually saying it and I could not stop laughing.  I crack myself up!

Yes, we are serious Trekkies, or Trekkers if you prefer.  I grew up watching Captain Jean Luc Picard save the Enterprise, and had a serious crush on him…I think it was the accent.  Then The Hubby and I, before he was The Hubby, watched all of the other franchises…Voyager, and it was seriously awesome…

Then we moved on to Enterprise…my FAVORITE…oh Scott Bacula…you devil you.

And then came Deep Space 9…and, well…we struggled.  But not nearly as much as when we attempted to watch the original Star Trek…oy vey!  We just couldn’t get through it.  We tried on multiple occasions, but the 10 second close ups of little to no reaction of each and every event to ever occur on The Enterprise was more than we could stand.  So we ventured back to Next Generation and began re-watching episodes that we both have seen more than 3 times at minimum thanks to our childhood, and lack of cable channels growing up.

Oh Jean Luc… you so funny!


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