Houston: we have movement!

It finally happened.

While relaxing in bed on Saturday night, The Bump’s dancing around was finally felt!  The Bump was curled up around my belly button and must have stretched out because I felt some pressure and my tummy got as hard as a rock.  It.was.beautiful.

I have felt slight fluttering before, and have since about 7 weeks; but nothing like this!  I hope that over the next few weeks that movement can start to be felt from the outside as I so want The Hubby to be able to feel this amazingness soon!

It has become evident that The Bump has a favorite sleeping spot, and it is around my belly button.  So it becomes super apparent when they are there, because I get a big lump in my belly and it stays like that for hours.

Actually feeling this life inside me makes this really REAL.

This shit just got real folks. 🙂


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