Wedding photos!

I was super excited to see that the wedding photos that I ordered last week arrived today!

So in frames they went! I had planned ahead last fall and scored these two large frames for $14 each at Target.  The photos in these frames are actually 11×14.  I have two other larger frames, but it turned out to be a total pain in the ass to get the prints currently in them out…so I just used these two instead.  Still, I am totally happy with how they look.


These awesome shots are going in our bedroom.  We have so much empty wall space in there.


I love looking around the house and seeing all of the beautiful memories from that day looking back at me!  But I was kind of a ditz and ordered a lot of 4×6 prints…and most of my frames hold 5x7s…doh!  So I got a little crafty and busted out the glittery scrapbook paper in my studio soon-to-be-nursery and cut them to 5×7 to use as a mat

The paper was originally 12×12, so I just cut it down to size.



And then centered the photos on the paper, with the help of some double sided tape.  However, it didn’t like to stick to the glittery paper. At.All.  So hopefully they stay in their places and I don’t have to crack the frames open again to center them.  In hindsight, I would probaby hot glue them in place.  I might end up doing that later this week.



I love that little extra somethin somethin that the glitter paper adds to the photo!  I mean…we did get married in Vegas after all!!  And how much do you love our “ring shot”?!  Heehee!!  The photographer laughed when I told him what I wanted.  He thought it was pretty awesome.  A little cheeky…and totally us.


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