Savory (stuffing) waffles

The other night I decided to try out the idea I had about stuffing waffles. That is stuffing crisped up in the waffle iron.

stuffing waffles

What you need:

Box of stuffing

Waffle Iron


Cook up the stuffing according to the instructions on the box.  TIP: let it cool before handling.  I didn’t wait long enough, and the stuffing was hoooooooooot

waffle iron

Then grab a handful of stuffing and form into a ball and place in the waffle iron and close lid.  Cook for 2-3 minutes.

Once done, dish em up!

I topped ours with mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy!  And wowzers were they yummy!

All dressed up

I want to try other types of savory waffles, perhaps a potato pancake mix would do well…hmmmm…

Do you have favorite waffle recipes?  Savory or otherwise?


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