Project apartment makeover

With the arrival of The Bump this fall, The Hubby and I have decided our space needs an overhaul, actually I decided because I don’t like my nest the way it is. I have entered the “everything is homeless” phase of my nesting. We are surrounded by clutter, it’s stuff we actually use, but it’s just everywhere, in sight. And I want it out of sight.

So, over the weekend we began to plan and budget. We prioritized what needs to happen; and then I made a big fat master to-do list for each room.  Then I estimated how much each project, or new addition would cost.




So at first we are looking at nearly $2000 to do everything that I want to do.  I don’t honestly expect to spend that much, as I am quite thrifty.  Our first free project was to set up a workspace in the living room.  Our current office will be converted to a nursery, so we started to discuss how it would work, started moving some furniture…and the next thing we knew we had a full-fledged office in the living room!  In under an hour, 1 project down…about 100 more to go!



So over the next few months I will share with you all of the projects, DIYs, and before and afters!  So yay…a new series!


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