National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!

Boy, do I miss running.  I sit here at my desk, facing outside watching runners go by most days.  I have attempted running a few times since starting to grow The Bump, and the first time I felt her bouncing all over the place…like on my full bladder.  And so I got a sexy maternity support belt and used that last weekend with The Hubby and that helped…but my heart rate was through the roof!  So I had to just walk.  And even walking my heart rate was up over 140!  And that scared me because we had gotten some concerning news on Friday at the Ultrasound.

The Bump at 19 weeks

The Bump’s umbilical cord only has one artery (SUA).  Which, we learned yesterday is totally cool and the bloodwork for the screening appointment is normal.  Whew.  The Bump might be a bit smaller, but honestly I think she is growing just fine!

So until I meet with the Midwife next week, I am restricting my running to none until she says ok.

Enjoy your run today!!


2 thoughts on “National Running Day”

  1. My newest brother was also an SUA baby – born at 7.5 lbs and was induced 3 weeks early. Totally healthy! Wishing you the best 🙂

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