Going No -Poo week 2 recap

A few weeks ago I decided to get on this No-Poo bandwagon, and began transitioning to No-Poo.

You can check out the Week 1 recap here.  We last left off last Sunday, on day 2 of just the clarifying shampoo and the vinegar rinse in preparation for the Baking Soda/Vinegar method.  I was able to go another several days.  Mainly because I just pinned my bangs, and put my hair up.

Day 8: 6/3/13

Hair is still soft, smells amazing and not getting greasy yet!  Love it.

Day 9: 6/4/13

Bangs were starting to look a teeny bit oily, so I just pinned them back; but the rest of my hair is still looking great.  It gets very staticy when I brush it with the boar bristle brush, but nothing a little static guard and lavender oil can’t cure.

Day 10: 6/5/13

Used a bit of bronzer to soak up the oily spots on my bangs, I think tomorrow may be the day to start the baking soda wash as I am really pushing it this week…nearly 7 days between washing!  Bangs pinned up by the end of the day.

20 Weeks

Day 11: 6/6/13

I really should have washed my hair today, but I hit the ground running this morning and just didn’t have time.  So up it went!

Day 12: 6/7/13

Got into the baking soda wash today.  So what you need: 1 cup distilled water, and 1 tbs of baking soda.  I actually used 2 tbs of baking soda to 1 cup of water.  I put it in a large condiment bottle with a long tip on it to get to the roots better.  I combed my hair well before getting into the shower, and took a comb to leave in the shower.  I think I need more baking soda in the mix, as once my hair was dry my roots felt a little waxy, or greasy.  So I put the BS mix on my roots only, and massaged in for a minute or two and then rinsed.  I then did the WDV rinse from last week and let that sit while I did my other shower stuff.  Then I rinsed well, and combed my hair again before putting it up in a towel.

I let my hair sit in a towel for a while before doing anything with it.  I combed it well, and dried my bangs with the blow dryer and round brush, as I have naturally curly hair…curly bangs are just not cute.  Then put about a nickel sized amount of coconut oil on my ends and about midway up the length of my hair.  My hair was very frizzy yesterday, so I put it back in a bun and let it air dry.  I am sure if I used the blow dryer it would have looked better, but I have loooong hair and I didn’t feel like spending that much time drying my hair.

Day 13: 6/8/13

Today my roots are still a bit waxy, but the length of my hair is much softer and not as frizzy as yesterday.  My scalp itches like crazy today.  I brushed from root to tip with the boar bristle brush, and that helped the root situation a bit, but I fear that my hair may look icky tomorrow.  So I will have to use some cinnamon as dry shampoo if that is the case.  Other than that I am impressed with the process so far!  Very curious to see how the next few weeks play out!


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