Welp. Just got back from the Midwife and it is confirmed…I am on the “No-Run list” for the remainder of the pregnancy. Boo. The reason being has to do entirely with my heart rate. I can maintain a 140 BPM while walking at a brisk pace, so I certainly cannot run and keep my HR under 140. And seeing that The Bump is an SUA baby, I just cannot risk taking any chances with her. So brisk walking it is. grrr.

But there is always yoga, and the stationary bike. But my body is screaming to run, so it’s hard to not.

On a happier note…yesterday my Sister-in-law and niece were here and we had lots of fun!



I love my squishy baby time!  Do you not love her dubious texting look?



She loves to draw and color…and she’s been quite the turd at home coloring on the walls…but loved the chalk board!  I spy a great birthday gift…which is perfect since her birthday is tomorrow!  I cannot believe that she will be 2 already!

She’s grown quite a bit in 2 years!



She is such a great kid!  Her Auntie Kishy and Uncle Jefwee love her lots!


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