Going natural

As my belt expands, we’ve been tightening the proverbial belt around our finances lately.  And for me that means cutting some expenses that add convenience to my everyday routines.  Not all conveniences are being cut, but certainly the ones that cost us too much money.  And seriously, some of this stuff is 3x what it should cost.  I have always been a hippie at heart, but the older I get the more I want to transition to a hippie-er lifestyle!

So far

I’ve gone No-Poo and I am curious to try this honey “shampoo” recipe!

DIY honey shampoo. Get silky soft hair with this easy shampoo recipe!

Began freezer cooking

And the newest additions to the Holmberg Minimal Spending Act of 2013 will be to make my own laundry soap, dishwasher detergent and other household cleaners.  And while I am at it, I am in dire need of a new skin care routine!

You might remember my rant about The Bump giving me some nasty acne a while back, but truth be told…it never let up.  So I’ve just been covering it up, adding to the vicious cycle of the breakouts.  Thankfully, it’s not actually on my face, just my jaw line and my neck…right at my jaw on both sides…so strange.  Unfortunately I cannot use the normal chemical concoctions that I would normally run to.  So to the interwebs I went!

Thankfully I have found some great resources for natural, and homemade solutions that I am very excited to try.  In fact, I hope to be tossing out a great many jars, tubes and pumps of crap that take up space and do not work.

First up is Crunchy Betty’s list of homemade cures to try

She lists a ton of ideas, 27 to be exact, some I have the ingredients for like:

Lemon Juice, lavender oil, apple cider vinegar, honey and apples, honey & cinnamon, witch hazel…I love that most of these are foods!  If I put it on my skin I should be able to eat it…at least that is my new motto!  So I will run down the list and see what happens!

The other blog that I found awesomely helpful was from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance .  She lists out her new totally natural skin care routine.  I really love the idea of streamlining my skincare routine and only using natural ingredients.  Her acne story is quite similar to mine.  So I feel like her routine just might be the ticket to saying goodbye to acne forever!  Muuu-haahaaahaaa…

Another super resource for all things natural and homemade is Robin at Thank your body.  Holy Hannah she even has a recipe for homemade mascara! Ahhhh!  Sweet cheeses I am excited!

With all of these homemade lotions and potions I may change the name of this blog to The Happy Hippie Housewife!


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