Maxis to the MAX!

I’ve been busy today!!


I made 6 maxi skirts and one knee length with the rest of the dress from the first maxi skirt I made a few weeks ago. The rest of the fabric I already had, or was one of the three colors I ordered from Charlie Girl fabrics!


Heather Grey, believe it or not…it’s jersey knit bed sheets…lots of jersey for a little money!  I picked them up on clearance about 2 years ago and still have about 5 yards of it left!


Kelly green…from Charlie Girl.  That one is a bit snug around the bum.  I wanted it long so I had to use it the narrower way.


This “circus stripe” from my stash.  It’s cream, brown, purple, yellow and coral.  I love it…but seeing it on I believe it will be one for around the house only!!


This is the cowl neck of that dress from the first maxi skirt I made, It turned out great!  Seriously love GW if I can get $5 worth of knit…enough to make 2 skirts.  Cha-ching!


Peacock Blue from Charlie girl…I am wearing it now.  I love this one.  The knit is a bit heavier and stretches a bit more than all of the others.


Chevron from Charlie girl. ❤  The whole reason for my CG order!


And of course all of these can be worn as a dress by simply pulling them up, and rolling the elastic under!  Add a belt for some Bump definition and volia!!  Instant comfy summer dress!

And if you are counting you’ll notice that is only 5 of the 6 maxis.  The last one I made is not jersey, and needs to be hemmed.  Which I just didn’t have the energy for after all of that.  And it’s a bit bigger in the waist, so I may need to take it in a bit, or wait until The Bump is bigger to wear it.

I am SO happy that I sat down and did this.  It took me all of about an hour and a half!  They are so much more comfy than pants or anything else I own right now!


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