HHH: Going Natural – The DIY Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Mask

I joked a few days about about changing the name of the blog to The Happy Hippie Housewife…and that got me thinking that would be a great new series!

So here is the first installment of the Happy Hippie Housewife: The DIY Coconut oil & Honey hair mask.

Here’s what you need


I find it best to lean over the tub to do this, as it can be a bit messy with the oil and honey. Get your hair “wet” with the oil and massage into your scalp through to the ends. Then add the honey, again massaging into the ends, but avoid the roots.

Next, pile hair on top of your head and cover with shower cap, or saran wrap. And if you can stand holding a blow dryer over your head for about 10 minutes or so the heat will help the oil and honey penetrate into your hair and condition and seal it in,but this is optional.  Leave this in for about 30 minutes.

Then it’s time to rinse! I used my clarifying shampoo here, rinse and repeat to ensure that you get all of the oil and honey out.  Plus I did my normal DWV rinse.  I’ve been No-Pooing for a few weeks and I am not sure it’s the best thing for my already damaged and dry hair.  But I do like the vinegar rinse as a conditioner.  I always comb my hair in the shower after using the vinegar rinse.  My hair was suuuuuper tangled after this mask, even though I made sure it was snarl free before doing it.  So be sure to bring a wide toothed comb into the shower with you, and comb through after rinsing.

My results:

Happy, frizz free, soft and silky hair!  I also used some Coconut Oil as a leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz treatment while it’s wet.  This is air dried, except for the bangs as I have curly hair, I always round brush dry the bangs with the blow dryer.  It does feel a bit “greasy“, but I know it’s the Coconut Oil I used as a leave-in.  I will brush it out tomorrow with a natural boar bristle brush and I know it will be better, but honestly…this is the best my hair has felt in months!  This pregnancy has taken it’s toll on my hair, and I am so glad that I tried this!  I think this will be a weekly treatment until my hair is back to normal.



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