Pregnancy-induced Lactose Intolerance?

For the last few months I have been all about the dairy. Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk….chocolate or in my cereal. Love the dairy.

But recently the dairy does not like me.


WARNING the following post may contain TMI. Continue reading at your own risk.

I did some digging on the interwebs to find out if pregnancy-induced lactose intolerance is an actual thing.

It’s not.

But it seems to be that dairy intolerance is common in pregnancy. And if you know anything about LI then you’ll know that it involves severe intestinal cramping, gas and …the least fun part diarrhea. I have been so bloated, and quite hesitant to leave the house because I don’t like to poo-poo in public. And it’s been quite the challenge to contain my mountain man farts at home…I don’t even want to think about having to run to the bathroom from the other side of Target!!

The consensus seems to be to go no-dairy for 24 hours and see if that clears the issue up. Thanks to The Bump, my digestive tract is being smooshed and pushed aside to make room for her to grow and also the digestive process in running on a pretty low priority right now as The Bump requires most of the body’s energy reserves. If I really am showing signs of dairy intolerance, at least there are options to still enjoy things like cereal, cottage cheese and ice cream. So I have gone no-dairy-ish today…I did have a splash of milk in my coffee but no cereal, cottage cheese, shakes (I will be pissed if this is the case as I just got back to being able to have them again!!) or yogurt.

So hopefully by tomorrow evening my tummy will be better and if not…then I am headed to the pharmacy!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy-induced Lactose Intolerance?”

  1. You likely will be okay on the shakes because there is such a small amount of lactose in them. That coupled with the digestive enzymes generally keeps you in a good place. Worst case, you can try out the dairy free shakes! They’re back in stock!!

    1. I am sure the shakes will be fine, I have been going overboard with the milk and ice cream lately. So I am sure that has something to do with it. 🙂

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