Isa Pudding

I am enjoying this snack mucho much right now!

Isa pudding

I just took 2 scoops of my chocolate Isalean shake mix and added 1/2 cup water; you can add more or less to reach your desired consistency. Then I topped it with some strawberries and now I am yummin it up!

This is why I love Isagenix. I can create other foods out of the shakes. It’s not just a shake! Today it’s pudding…tomorrow maybe it will be cake…who knows?!

I am also in the midst of major Bump Love today…I love this body I am in, and every time I think about seeing The Bump’s face for the first time, and meeting her I get a huge smile on my face…



3 thoughts on “Isa Pudding”

    1. I have made some protein balls with it using almond butter, chia seeds, honey and chocolate chips. In fact…I might be doing that for my detox this week!

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