Project Apartment Makeover: The adventures of The King

In this installment of Project Apartment Makeover…This week we got a brand new big people bed!

I am so excited to have a new big bed to sleep in! I love The Hubby, but he is a bed hog! He sprawls out Superman style in the middle of the bed, and the bigger I get the more room I need!

So we used to have this heavy, bulky oak bed


But now we have this much slimmer, much bigger bed!  We seriously gained an extra foot of floor space!


It is a pillow top, which I love.  And it’s pillow top on both sides, so this will last us a while as we can flip it!

But I must explain the adventure of finding The King.

I got the frame on craig’s list for $80 including delivery.  But the guy who sold it to us didn’t have the hardware to put it together…so 4 trips to Home Depot later I finally got it figured out!  While at the same time trying to find an affordable king mattress set…

We went to The Original Mattress Factory and loved what we found…except they were all about $300 over budget.  Then we went to Mattress Firm, and found the same thing.  Grr.

So I turned back to Craig’s list and found a Mattress warehouse and got this set for $200 UNDER budget.  Word to the wise…don’t always think you need to go to a big box furniture store, or mattress store to get a bed.

So it was delivered on Tuesday, and I set right to getting it put together!  All. By. Myself.  I just wanted it together and made up for when The Hubby got home!  Slowly but surely things are getting done.  I hope to knock out a bunch of things next week and start to make some serious progress in this apartment!


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