7 Day clean eating challenge: Day 2

Day 2!

Day 1 ended not on a clean note, I had made a few loaves of banana bread last week, and there were a few slices left. So I ate em. I had been craving chocolate all day, and that bread had mini chocolate chips in it…and The Hubby invited me to a lunch date at Chipotle. Which normally would mean “there goes my day”; but I was quite smart in my choices. I had a bowl with chicken, black beans, corn & tomato salsa, lettuce and guac. No rice! No Cheese! No sour cream! At 556 calories for the entire bowl, and I only ate half, that is much better than the normal 900 calorie bowl I usually get. Yikes!

Ah well…it’s a new day!

The plan for today:

Breakfast: 159 Calories

  • Clean Carrot Cake oatmeal (I added 1 tsp of maple syrup to today’s and it was much better)
  • Coffee
  • Egg Whites – 2 egg whites, no yolk

Snack 1:

  • Banana
  • Vanilla Isalean Shake


  • Steamed chicken breast
  • Steamed veggies
  • Apple

Snack 2:


  • Steamed Chicken breast
  • Steamed veggies
  • Orange

I also did quite a bit of food prep yesterday. I prepped freezer stuff for the veggie & fruit smoothies for later this week.


Above (From left): Naked Power garden juice for veggie smoothies, kale & spinach processed with coconut water for both fruit and veggie smoothies, coconut water for both, and vanilla chobani yogurt for fruit smoothies.  I had 3 cans of coconut water in the fridge and just hadn’t used them.  So I figured why not?  I would have made ice with regular water, but coconut water has a few more health benefits than plain water.


I also sliced bananas for smoothies, and for an “Ice cream” recipe for later this week.  I sliced them, put them on wax paper and stuck them in the freezer.  So today I will be packaging those smoothie packs…more to come tomorrow.


This is why I love Naked Juice.  they list out the fruits and veggies in the mix.  I am saving this one so that I can bust out the juicer and make some of my own!  My original idea had V8, but it has too much added sugar for me, so I went with an more natural and organic route.

Today is an office day…so I am looking forward to yoga this evening!  What are you doing on this lovely Tuesday?


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