7 Day clean eating challenge: Recap

I felt like I should recap the last week’s Clean Eating Challenge.  Ya know, to talk about how it went, challenges and successes.

In case you missed it, I did a 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge and provided my meal plan for the 7 days, plus a few extra on the intro post.  Below are the links.

7 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Now, for the most part I think I did much better than I had been for the last few weeks and months.  But, pregnancy cravings, being too tired to make a proper meal, family get-togethers, Bachelorette parties and weddings can make  clean eating a challenge.

Some of the improvements that I did make, or get back into the habit of were eating every 2-3 hours.  I should have been doing that anyway, but I am a busy wifey, business owner, chef, assistant, and mom-to-be and sometimes don’t have a snack or meal handy when I should.  But now that I have spent a week back in the habit of eating every few hours, I will be better about sticking to that habit.

Another habit, was getting back on the Isagenix train!  I can finally have a shake again without it tasting like fish, so I was able to have 1-2 per day, which helped me tremendously in the energy department, and in other departments as well…without getting into the TMI area, let’s just say when you are pregnant keeping things moving along is very beneficial for a happy mommy.  It was fun to experiment with a new way to eat a shake…Isa Pudding!  It’s so fun being able to make a new food out of one that has been a staple in my diet for the last year!  For instance this morning as my mid-morning snack I had a very yummy Fruit Punch shake!  I took 2 scoops of the vanilla Isalean powder, 1 packet of Want More Energy in Orange, and 1 packet of Isafruits…wam…Fruit Punch Isagenix!  Yummo!!  It was new and very good!  So good in fact that I drank it all before I could snap a photo to show you!  Next time my lovelies!

Changing my diet, even for a few days has jump started my awareness for how I have been eating these last few months since becoming a human incubator.  The Bump has her favorite foods for sure, and she has no problem letting me know the ones she doesn’t like!  She is a big fan of fruit, and cereal, case in point: killed 2 boxes of Golden Grahams already this week and it’s only Tuesday.  But the Cheesy Chicken and rice that is so good is a no-go.  Silly baby.  I think there is going to be no getting around that for the next 16 weeks, but at least I have the fresh fruit to fall back on, and thank goodness for my Isagenix.  At least I know that I am getting some good nutrition during the day, even if The Bump still orders cereal for womb service, she will be getting good food whether she likes it or not!!

Did you do the 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge with me?  How did it go?

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