HHH: Going No-Poo update

My first going natural experiment was quitting the shampoo…and after a few weeks of a crazy itchy scalp, and straw-like hair. I stopped using the Baking soda mix, but continued using a vinegar rinse but switched to ACV. And then I did the research on it…Baking soda pH is a 9…and the pH of your scalp is roughly between 4.5-5. Ew…not good.


In the baking soda + ACV rinse I mentioned above, the baking soda opens up the hair shaft and the apple cider vinegar works to seal it up again. The extreme changes in levels wreaks havoc on your head. Many users report that it works for some months but then their hair is listless and “straw-like.” Yup, my hair is not oily, and is generally dry by nature. So, stripping it that way just left it breaking off left and right.

So I went back to the Clarifying shampoo and ACV rinse. And I am able to go about a week, a WEEK between washes! The only part of my hair that gets a bit oily are my bangs…but a little dusting of cinnamon and the boar bristle brush help a ton! Not to mention that I smell amazing! For example…I was out running errands one day after doing that Cinnamon dry shampoo, and everyone around me…strangers, were sniffing the air and commenting on how good someone smelled! Ha! Just me an muh dry shampoo…

Why a week? I do wear my hair up, or pin my bangs back quite a bit, so I am not constantly touching it. And it’s pretty awesome that a blow-out can last nearly 7 days! It makes that 30 minutes of dry and straightening time worth it!

So I am going to transition again, off the shampoo and make a honey based solution that will provide some super-moisture.


What you need:

Raw, organic Honey



The solution is a 3:1 mix, 3 parts water to 1 part honey.  So you can make it single use to try, or in bulk.  I am excited to try it this week!


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