Happy Hippie Housewife: Oil & Honey Cleansing update


About a month or so ago I threw out all of my mainstream facial products in favor of a new Oil & Honey Cleansing routine. And I still love it, and have happy skin…mostly.


I still have a few trouble spots on my neck. They get better, and then cycle right back. And I have been racking my brain as to why to change, or switch. But this morning it realized that my other HHH: Going Natural experiment, Going No-Poo has had some unintended side effects…

I switched from using WDV to Apple Cider Vinegar a few weeks ago, and didn’t notice until today, that my back is completely clear! I have suffered from the dreaded bacne as well since early puberty. But apparently doing the ACV rinse has been doing wonders for that!


So this morning I decided to follow up the honey cleanse with a swipe of ACV and I will add that to my routine for the next few weeks and see what that does! I am still using the Lavender oil at night, and it helps a lot, but I need to get rid of those spots once and for all!



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