Project Apartment Makeover: Kitchen & Dining Room

So this weekend we finally got around to doing some work in the kitchen!

We have realized that in order to maximize space…we must go vertical!  There is so much unused real estate on the walls!

So we installed a pot & pan rack, freeing up a seriously misused cabinet, and using up some very empty space above the microwave!


And then I set up our new coffee bar with an old dresser, that still needs a bit of work, but it serves it purpose really well!


I need to add a sheet of plywood to the bottom, for a shelf for cookie sheets, and muffin tins.  And We’ll have to do something about the drawer that has lost the top veneer layer.  And the last step will be to add a bar to the wall with some hooks for the coffee mugs.

Overall I am so pleased when I walk into my kitchen now!  It looks like I had pictured it!

We also made a HUGE dent in the nursery-to-be this weekend.  I just dropped off a carload, full trunk & back seat, of stuff to Goodwill.  It feels so good to get some of that clutter gone!  I am pretty sure that there is another load of two in my future!

I also re-organized our living room entertainment center…so before it was very, very cluttered…

1005123_550780695538_1697931041_n  182918_549123067438_1535970711_n


Yes, we love outer space shows…

Anyway the after is muuuuuch better.



I just could not stand the sight of that cluttery, jam packed , full of crap thing that was going on before.  Now, the movies are contained in 4 DVD boxes,  I pared down the massive amount of magazines to just Oxygen, and a few Runner’s Worlds, and my Women’s Running magazines.  I also sorted and stored many of the books, and left a few that pertained to a healthy lifestyle, or are positive in some way.  I also stored all of our Xbox games in a magazine holder as well.  And the two end cubbies contain overflow Stella & Dot supplies.  There is a lot of stuff there, but containing many things in a few boxes, and magazine holders, makes it seem far less cluttered.  And that makes me a happy panda.

It’s so nice to walk into my house now, and not have it look like a shit storm.

Yay for nesting!!!


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