Not to cut is the answer…

So….remember how I was going to cut all my hair off tonight

Well, I have chickened out. Only because I don’t quite have the 10 inches I had hoped, in order to not have too short hair. I am going to hold off until after The Bump is born, and then make the cut. It’s amazing what one good hair day in 6 months can do! This pregnancy has been so hard on my hair, but I may have found the right routine for my hair finally!

The honey shampoo did nothing but make my hair nasty.  It just got even greasier every time I used it.  So I used my clarifying shampoo to cut through the layers of oil that had built up thanks to the honey.  And used an unconventional conditioner…


It’s meant for shaving your legs and, ahem other areas.  I have used it as a conditioner before, but never with the results I got this time around!  So the conditioning power is for coarser hair, so it super-conditioned my hair!  I did not have to use any frizz serum, just a bit of coconut oil before drying, and no straightener!  My hair was super soft, and going on day 6 it’s just now maybe starting to need a wash, but with my hair appointment tonight, I will forego the wash in the shower today and opt for my favorite part of a cut…the shampoo… ahhhhhhhhhh….


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