Birth Photography

I have known for quite some time now that I want to hire a photographer to capture The Bump’s arrival.  I have yet to approach The Hubby with this decision, but I have now begun the process of researching them, so I suppose it’s time.

Why hire a birth photographer?

For me, I am usually the one snapping away at family events, getting those great candid shots and I am a shutterbug.  So naturally I want those beautiful and precious moments captured for The Bump to see later, and to share with family; as we’ve decided that The Bump’s arrival will be an intimate and private occasion…meaning: no visitors.  Yes, it sounds odd then that we would hire a photographer to be there.  I want to be able to focus on my child, and the process…not the constant swinging door of family and friends coming and going.  That’s what my house is for.

I have done quite a bit of research, and located a few in our area that I am interested in, but cost is obviously a huge factor in our decision.  But also the personality, and style of the photographer is a factor.  Most are very careful to choose shots that are modest, and depict the mood and feeling of the moment, not the actual gooey moment of delivery.  Although I have never delivered a child, I know for a fact that I am going to be out of it, and much like our wedding it will all be a blur in a few weeks, and I want to be able to look through beautiful photos of the event and remember how amazing it was.

In looking around the interwebs and corners of the Twin Cities Metro area, I have discovered that several of the photographers are also doulas…which is awesome.  Thankfully the birth center that we have chosen offers free (woohoo!) doulas.  And as we are working on our birth plan, doulas have come up several times.  I love the idea of that.  But that is a post for another time…

Would you, or did you hire a birth photographer?


4 thoughts on “Birth Photography”

  1. I hired a doula and a separate birth photographer… Best idea ever! I wouldn’t want just one person to do both, since the doula was with me at all times to coach/assist if I needed anything & the photographer you would have never known was there! She blended into the room and got amazing shots! If you’re interested in seeing them I have no problem sharing 🙂 Also do not compromise on the birth you want, I was able to deliver naturally with no IV/meds, however they had no way of a water birth, which I now wish I would have pushed for. Everything still worked great, just wish I didn’t compromise my perfect water birth.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I would love to see them! Birth is such a beautiful and magical experience…
      I love my Hubby dearly, but he doesn’t get it! He has been insistent on being in or very near a hospital. And I will not deliver in a hospital. I am not sick. I know that if I deliver in a traditional hospital setting they will give interventions, and because of previous abdominal surgery they will insist on a C-section. I have a vision for D-Day, and I will do my damndest to see it through. Both The Hubby and I had what I would call “traumatic” births. I was 3 weeks late, not in position and in distress. My mom had an emergency c-section, and I was tiny (5 lb 11.5 oz). The Hubby was born on an Army base, and his mom was in labor for 3 days, like my mother. His mom nearly bled out before the doctors realized it.
      I do not want that experience for me, and for my daughter. I hope in the next few weeks I can make him understand how important the experience is to me, since he’s pretty adamant that we are only having one. If I only get to experience this once, I am doing the way I want. 🙂

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