Meet the Midwives

So today The Hubby and I met all of the Nurse-Midwives that work at the hospital/birth center where we will be delivering The Bump.  Sadly, the midwife that I really like was not there…nor was she mentioned or show in the photo of the staff.  I never got ask if she had retired, or left or what.  Boo.

They all seem fantastic, and I know I will be totally fine with any of them.  So I am not worried about that aspect at all.  However…


It seems I have two options for water birth at this birth center…

1.  Play musical beds.

2. The tub.

Huh?!?!  Yeahno.  So there is only 1 room with the large tub.  And you don’t start out in that room.  2 room changes is not ok.  I refuse to play the musical beds game in order to deliver my baby the way that I want.  So in that scenario, I would go to room #1 until I am about 5cms, and then move to room #2, the room with the tub.  Then, after delivery I get 1 hour…1 whole hour of people coming in and out poking and prodding me and my newborn, then move back to room #1.  Nope.  No thanks…

Or they have a portable tub, that can be set up in my room.  Yes, that I like.  However the doula that gave the tour totally discouraged that saying that “the room will get all hot and steamy, so it’s not the best idea”.  Um…let me be the judge of that as every hospital room I’ve ever been in is like a frickin freezer.

Now for the tub…yeah I can do that at home.  If I am going to cough up that much money to deliver in a tub at the birth center, I’d just as soon hire a private midwife and deliver at home.  In my tub.  I don’t want to deliver my baby in a bathroom.  I don’t care how “clean” it is, that is not how I want to welcome my child into this world.

Suffice it to say I am a bit discouraged after this tour.  I was super excited, as I feel like I settled for the birth center, and I am starting to think that I am not going to get the experience that I am out for.

I wonder if I can bring my own kiddie pool…


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