28 Weeks



How far along? 28 Weeks…HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!

Due Date: October 23rd 2013

Baby is the size of a: Chinese Cabbage 14.8 inches and 2.25 pounds

Total weight gain: Ugh…23 pounds!  Yikes!

Maternity clothes? Seamless is the word of the day.  Loving my ruched tank and capri leggings from BeMaternity from Ingrid & Isabel!!  I have a few of these tanks and another pair of long leggings…I believe that I may be living in these for the next 3 months!

Stretch marks? None on the belly!

Sleep: The leg cramps and pain have begun.  So Sunday night was a totally sleepless night for me, however my leopard print calf compression sleeves are a lifesaver!  I have been wearing them at night, and they are a huge help.

Movement: The Bump is bouncing around like a pinball today!  Her period of activity are increasing, so I am preparing for a very active child!

Gender:  The Bump is a girl!

Names?  We’ve chosen Hadley as her first name…but are keeping her middle name a secret for now!

Best moment this week: We washed all of the baby clothes we have so far in our new washer & dryer over the weekend…the laundry area is still not finished, but hopefully soon!  This was the part I had most been looking forward to this month, pulling all the clothes out, and washing them…realizing that we were really getting ready for her!  We also met the midwives at HCMC, and toured the birth center.  It was sort of a waa-waaa-waaaa…experience.

Miss Anything: My waistline, cardio, energy…ya know the little things.

Food cravings: Strawberry ice cream!  I hate strawberry ice cream, and it’s pretty much all I want.  And clearly I CANNOT do that anymore…I have gained so much weight this month from giving into The Bump’s every whim.  I am nearly at the top of my expected weight gain, and I still have 12 weeks left!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: Just a few leg cramps at night, and being a little out of breath.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Belly Button in or out? Still an Innie!  And the Linea Nigra has yet to appear…wondering if I’ll go without ever seeing it?

Happy or Moody most of the time: Hmmm…that is a loaded question.  Mostly happy.  But easily frustrated…to tears.  I am starting to be apprehensive about D-Day, nothing to do with the pain or anything like that.  Just birth plan planning related.  Frustrated that my family is not being super supportive; none of them have RSVP’d to our baby shower.  So I am quite disappointed about that.  But my In-Laws are fantastic.  So that kinda makes up for it.

Looking forward to:  Having The Bump here!  I just cannot wait to see her, and hold her and love her…this is a marathon, not a sprint.  But I am wishing that I could “sprint” a bit and reach the finish line faster!

Baby purchases:  Nothing this week, and hopefully we won’t be buying much else until after the baby shower.

We have another ultrasound on Friday, just to check on The Bump and make sure that she is growing like she should and doing good.  I am very excited for the Bump Show, it’s been 10 weeks since we’ve seen her, and I am super anxious to see her and how she is doing!  While I have gained a lot of weight, my belly is still quite small for being 7 months, but The Bump is an SUA baby after all, so she might be on the smaller side.  But she likes to hang out in the ribs, so perhaps she is just hiding how big she really is!

Next week is the glucose test, and I am a bit nervous for that.  I have gained quite a bit of weight this month, and my mom had gestational diabetes with my brother, and both her and my grandma have/had diabetes.  So it is quite possible that I will too.  But let’s hope not.

We are in the home stretch now!  Just 12 more weeks until The Bump arrives!


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