Dear Bump



Dear Bump,

It was so much fun to see you on the screen today!  The Bump show is our favorite show.  Thank you for being mostly cooperative!  We couldn’t see your sweet face though!  I guess you are keeping that a surprise until D-Day huh?

We were a little concerned when the Doctor came in and told us just how tiny you were…you only weigh 2.1 pounds!  The Doctor said that you are very small for your age, and they want to keep a close eye on you.  That makes Mommy and Daddy very happy.  We are glad that they care so much and want to make sure that you are growing big and strong.  It was fun to hang out and listen to your heart beat for a while too!  It was so much fun in fact that we get to have a “Heart Beat date” every week now until you arrive!  I think that we should make the nice nurses cookies, or brownies or something!  They deserve it!

Plus we get to see The Bump Show in 3 weeks again!  How excited is Mommy?  Super excited!  But for now Mommy needs to make sure that you stay active!  So we get to spend Mommy Bump time everyday and I get to count your kicks!  And your kicks pack a wollup!  So even if they hurt sometimes, Mommy wants you to kick and bounce, and jump and bump and thump as much as you want!  It helps Mommy to know that you are doing ok!

The Doctor also told us that we might not have to wait until your due date to meet you!  That changes Mommy and Daddy’s plans a little, but that’s ok.  We just want to make sure that the rest of your journey is safe, and that you are healthy.

I love you, I love you, I love you.  I love you as big as the universe, even though you don’t know what that is yet.  You will be my little peanut, my little mini, my sweet, sweet little one.  Have a good journey and I can’t wait to hear you moving around again on Wednesday!





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