Non-Stress Test

So…why is it called Non-Stress test anyway?  Do they do Stress tests?

According to

“A nonstress test is a common prenatal test used to check on a baby’s health. During a nonstress test, also known as fetal heart rate monitoring, a baby’s heart rate is monitored to see how it responds to the baby’s movements.

Typically, a nonstress test is recommended for women at increased risk of fetal death. A nonstress test is usually done after week 26 of pregnancy. Certain non stress test results might indicate that you and your baby need further monitoring, testing or special care.”

No they don’t do stress tests…baby+stress= no good.

We had the first test after the ultrasound last week, and the second on Wednesday


The silly little bump was super active the entire time.  The fetal monitors make a staticy sound when the move, and that is pretty much all we heard for nearly an hour!


She had a few spikes in her HR, but it ranged from 99 (YIKES!!) to 150, so her heart rate responds to movement well.  The nurses are so lovely, and patient with my little hyper girl!

Hopefully next week she will be much more cooperative and I will get to actually hear her heartbeat!!

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