Childbirth Education at Amma

On Saturday The Hubby and I attended our Childbirth Education class at Amma Parenting Center.


I had been a bit insecure about D-Day…and for the most part our birth plan is still up in the air, but it was so reassuring to learn about the process more in depth.  I mean…I knew what was going to happen.  Child Development major with an emphasis in fetal and infant development here… but it helped calm some of my fears, and reaffirm some decisions I had made but not communicated to The Hubby yet.

The nurse had tons of “props” to help illustrate the process, and help describe the anatomy of The Bump and placenta etc.



I loved that we got to brainstorm as a group on  a few topics.  It was awesome to have a community of Mommies and Daddies all working together.



I am really glad that we chose Amma.  They are a wealth of community, support, education and their boutique was super cute.  I loved looking at all of the awesome baby goodies that they had.  They had handouts and resources everywhere!  I am looking into their New Mommy class.  I think it would be really beneficial to get out and meet other Moms right away.



There was one activity that I found really helpful.  And it involved 13 cards, all things birth plan related.  This was a great exercise in starting our discussion on what was OK, and was not acceptable.  It helped us make our “Must have” list.  Things that I am firm on.



The process of the exercise is to lay out all of the cards, some are two sided, to build your idea birth plan.  Then pick four that you are willing to compromise on, flip them over and set them to the side.  Then pick 4 more, and so on until you have one card left…the Red card: Healthy Baby.

The point of the exercise is to help you be flexible.  And I totally get that.  I need to be able to go with it.  But there are some things that I am totally unwilling to compromise on.  And they are things like, no meds…no epidural, no pitocin under any circumstances.  Not because I want to be badass, but because women for hundreds of years did this with none of those things.  I can do this.  I believe in myself enough to know that I can do this.  I do not want pain meds… period.  But I know that this pain will be unlike anything that I have ever experienced, and that I am probably going to ask for it.  But I told the Hubby his response needs to be DISTRACTION.  And that if I ask for meds, to respond with “Can I get you something to drink?”, “Let’s move around or change positions.”, ‘Let me rub your back.”  Basicly I want him to distract me, and not respond to the plea for meds.

Other things are I am not ok with the vacuum assisted delivery method.  Not going to happen.  This one little decision spawned a nearly 2 day discussion with the Hubby.  And no episiotomy.  So very firm on that.

But after this class and the resources it provided we were able to sit down last night and make a great outline for what we want.  It still has a long way to go…we are planners and want to have a plan for every contingency so that if the actual plan veers off from our original plan, we have discussed it and are comfortable with whatever decision we make.  Everything from choosing a code word for pain meds…as in “I am totally F-ing serious this time” code word.  And that if I use that word, I am relenting and ok with it, to what methods of assisted delivery we are ok with to having to knock me out for a c-section (because I will fight it, and they will drag me kicking and screaming to the OR…been down that recovery road and so not ok with doing it again).

This class was much anticipated, and was well worth the wait.  And now it’s just up to The Bump to grow, get strong and make some good progress so that she can stay in my belly and cook!!  I totally get that this is all up to her, and what she is strong enough for, and able to do.


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