Feeling crafty…

The Bump’s baby shower is fast approaching…2 weeks now!  Woah!!  Where did the summer go?!  I dunno…

Anyway, one of the fun things that we are planning on doing at the shower is to get a little crafty.  I love the idea of decorating onesies for The Bump, so I have been busy making some iron on transfers for the onesies!

Some of these I made or added to, and some of them are clip art that I bought from Etsy!



iPod, and funny animals from FunkyMushrooms on Etsy, eat Local made by me, and I added the “iPood” to the iPod image.



Hearts from Funkymushroom on Etsy



Elephants from Nina’s Design Studio on Etsy.  I also got a few more from this shop, and plan on making monthly onesies later to capture The Bumps Monthly Milestones!

There are tons of clip art images on Etsy for a totally affordable amount.  These were instant downloads, so that was awesome!  I then downloaded them, unzipped them and inserted them into Microsoft Publisher, and could fit 4 images per page.

So then I will print these, cut them out and they will be ready for the party!  I have made a few more as well, but we’ll save those for the party!


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