Your top 10 Super Foods

Many of you have found this blog by way of the Clean Eating posts…and WELCOME!  Eating clean is a wonderful thing for your body.

There are lots of great foods out there for your body, and here are 10 to keep in your shopping cart!

Wild salmon

This fish’s omega-3 fatty acids could help you fight flab more efficiently.  They alter the expression of certain genes (whaa??) helping your body to shift to fat burning mode rather than storage mode.


This fruit’s 4-5 grams of fiber not only help you to feel full, it also helps to rid your body of some of the fat and calories you consume in other foods…crazy right?

Apples everywhere!


This grain is amazing in that it is not only a healthy carb, it’s a complete protein too!  It has all of the essential amino acids needed to help you build metabolism revving muscle.  I love a great quinoa breakfast too!



These legumes are rich in resistant starch, a carb that may encourage fat burning and shrink cells.


Olive Oil

The healthy monounsaturated fats found in olive oil could potentially switch genes on that are related to fat burning and storage.


This breakfast staple is loaded with choline, a compound known to help block fat absorption.  Egg whites themselves are also a great lean protein, and an awesome snack anytime of day.  Try baking a batch to have these handy snacks around at all times!




Lowfat and nonfat greek and regular yogurts contain 20% or more of your daily calcium needs.  This mineral slows the production of cortisol, and hormone that encourages belly-fat build up.  Try subbing plain greek yogurt for sour cream!

Sweet potatoes

These spuds have that same resistant starch as lentils…so they may turn up the fat-torching furnace that your body can be.  It may also increase the production of a peptide hormone that signals your brain to stop eating!


A large kiwi has 84 milligrams of Vitamin C, more than your day’s quota.  C helps form carnitine, a compound that transports fat into cell mitochondria..where it’s burned for energy during exercise!


The green soybeans supply 17 grams of protein per cup, and your body torches more calories digesting protein than it does processing carbs and fat.  Try them steamed with a little sea salt!



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