32 weeks





How far along? 32 Weeks…8 months today!

Due Date: October 23rd 2013

Baby is the size of a: The Bump weighed in last week at 2.12 lbs, we will get an updated weight in a few weeks at the next ultrasound.

Total weight gain: According to the scale at my midwife appointment yesterday 33 pounds.  Yikes.

Maternity clothes? I am amazed that I can still get away with regular clothes.  The tee above is a small from Target, but it’s super stretchy.  And the shorts are maternity  from Old Navy.

Stretch marks? No belly stretch marks!  None anywhere else new either!

Sleep: Not too bad, but weird dreams…

Movement: The Bump was a bit on the mellow side over the weekend, so Sunday morning I was a bit worried…however she did get it going.  She passed the Monday NST with flying colors, and has been fairly active so far this week.  It appears, fingers crossed, that she has turned…and I am glad that she is headed in the right direction…pun intended.

Gender:  The Bump is a girl!

Names?  We’ve chosen Hadley as her first name…but are keeping her middle name a secret for now!

Best moment this week: Getting some questions answered at the midwife appointment!  I have been a bit stressed, overwhelmed, anxious… about the actual day now that we are up to NSTs twice per week.  I got to ask some questions, get some concerns handled and I feel much better!

Miss Anything: My Isagenix… I am not able to take all of the products, but I am looking forward to getting back on track after The Bump gets here.

Food cravings: Nothing this week…well no…Russian Tea Cakes.  So I will be making those for The Bump Shower on Monday!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Labor Signs: Nada!

Symptoms: Just wicked heartburn!  I have a hard time telling the difference between hunger and heartburn, so I try to eat the burn away…but it doesn’t help.  So I now take a few tums before I eat anything, just to make sure I am not crazy overeating, although based on the weight gain I totally am.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Belly Button in or out? I still got an innie!

 Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy, but this week has been super stressful…I will be so relieved with the shower is done and over with!  I am ready to be done thinking about it, working on it and planning it.  Just want to be done!  That and the heat here in Minneapolis has been just gross.  It had to be this week, the week that I have the most errands all summer.  Thanks mother nature.  You suck.

Looking forward to: As stated above…looking forward to September 3rd, when there is no more baby shower to plan and get ready for!!!

Baby purchases: I did snag a few NB items at Goodwill, just anticipating a tiny one for a while, I think even the NB size is going to be big for a while.  Plus my wonderful sister-in-law brought up a TON of clothes for us over the weekend!


8 weeks left to go.  Amazing how fast this has gone.  10 months seems like a long time, but it is SO NOT! 🙂  There is still much to do, and I do not feel ready yet!  Next week I will be packing the hospital bag, and putting it in my trunk…along with the car seat.  Yes it seems like it’s too early for that…but based on the conversation I had with the midwife, I feel like I need to be ready for 1 of 3 possibilities:

  1. The Bump’s tests don’t continue to go well, her growth stops, or the doppler scan shows problems.  If this is the case, they will induce that day.  The Hubby and I have already discussed that conversation: “Hello Husband…yeah I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come on in to the hospital. Kthanks.”  Read: OOOHH  MY GOSH!!
  2. The Bump’s test going smashingly well, and they continue to do so…until a few days before my due date, when they induce.  Read: ok let’s do this!
  3. Same as #2, except I go into spontaneous labor near my due date.  Read: ahhhh everything is going according to plan!

But of course babies don’t go according to plan, and if The Bump is any indication of that…I have my money on #1 or 2.  So I feel like having that bag packed and in the car will totally help me not to feel so apprehensive when I go to my NSTs…”will today be the day??” twice a week is mentally and emotionally exhausting!

So close to the end….



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