Project Apartment Makeover: Laundry Room

Back in June we got the word that the apartment complex would be knocking out a wall in our closet to work on some plumbing stuff…but as it turns out…they were installing stacked washer dryers in the two units below us!  So yeah we jumped on that train and opted for our very own laundry area in the master bedroom!

It was a long July with our bedroom torn apart, but it was finally finished about a month ago, and boy are we glad to have this super awesome area in our apartment!  So below are the progress photos!




20130816-143336.jpg  20130816-143313.jpg

First they tore out the back wall, and installed the new venting, electrical and plumbing

20130709-154909.jpg 20130709-155201.jpg


they also removed the toilet in my bathroom so they could get to the plumbing.  It was so hard to be down a potty when we are used to having 2!!

Next was more demolition!  They tore down the side wall, and re-framed it to accommodate the new washer & dryer.   Then dry-walled.

20130816-143439.jpg 20130816-143452.jpg

20130816-143505.jpg 20130816-143421.jpg

Then finally, tiled the floor under the w/d, installed the divider wall, shelves and rod.  It was a few weeks before we got the doors installed…due to some snafu with the company the complex ordered the doors from.

20130816-143358.jpg 20130816-143320.jpg 20130816-143336.jpg

But at last…we got our closet back at the beginning of August…and the new laundry area is functioning perfectly!  I love being able to do a load whenever!  Not being tied to the laundry room during the hottest part of the summer has been a serious blessing!



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