Birth Plan…the final draft

The Hubby and I have been working on the birth plan since we attended the Childbirth Education class at Amma Parenting center, and I have finally gotten it to a good place and since I have to give it to the midwife on Wednesday…just in time too!


I had shared my “wants” in previous posts like Birth plan planning…but that was a loooong time ago…and before we knew that The Bump has SUA & IUGR.  So our original plan was tossed for the most part, and back to the drawing board we went.  Some of my original plan is still intact, and the vast majority of that is the “after delivery” part.

Anyway…so here it is, in it’s final state

Krysty & Jeff’s Birth Plan

Labor and Delivery:

  1. Prefer to labor in water, Water birth is preferred over bed
  2. Krysty wants to be mobile during labor, with the use of portable fetal monitoring (previously discussed with MW that Krysty will require constant monitoring)
  3. Is Cesarean OK?
    1. Vaginal is preferred, C-section if absolutely necessary to preserve life and long-term health of mom and baby.  There should be urgent medical need for this procedure, and used as a last resort.
    2. Short-term consequences to mom or baby should not be considered a reason for Cesarean
    3. Should a C-section be necessary, we request that the birth photographer be allowed to photograph the birth

What ways of inducing labor are OK?

  1. Rupturing the water bag
  2. Sweeping membranes
  3. Krysty does not want Pitocin, or a Prostaglandin

What “assisted delivery methods” are OK?

No method should be used until 2 hours of pushing have been attempted, or the baby is in distress:


Which medications are OK?

Jeff’s job: DISTRACTION: if Krysty asks for medication, he should not acknowledge request and suggest a walk, backrub, etc.

  2. Analgesic: OK IF DESPERATE (See #2 below.)
  3. Epidural: NO CIRCUMSTANCE
    1. Medical staff should not suggest this under any circumstance.
    2. If Krysty brings it up, then Jeff needs to OK it too. Jeff will OK it if Krysty uses a code word that affirms she has given consideration to Hadley’s well-being and outweighed it with the need for pain relief.
    3. Is an IV OK?
      1. Only if fluids are necessary, not for medications

Room environment & Support person roles:

  1. Dim lighting, soft music, battery op’d “candles”.  Calm, soothing non-stressful environment.
  2. Only Jeff, Carissa (Secondary support person) & photographer allowed, parents and other visitors are asked to wait in the waiting room until a specified time. (refer to Rooming-in, visitors, etc for visitor requests)
  3. Pillow and blanket from home
  4. Traffic in room should be limited to necessary staff only
    1. Jeff: Support person
    2. Carissa: Secondary support person
    3. Photographer
    4. Midwife/midwives (previously ok’d student midwife)
    5. Doula: if available
    6. Nurse: if necessary
    7. OB: if necessary

After Delivery:

  1. Krysty wants to have Hadley placed on her chest after delivery, and requests at least 1 hour skin-to-skin contact after delivery, and that any necessary assessments of Hadley be conducted there (APGAR, blood draw, etc)
  2. Krysty will attempt to breastfeed Hadley during the first hour.
  3. Krysty requests that the cutting of the cord be delayed for as long as the medical staff deems safe.
  4. Krysty is requesting to take the placenta home for encapsulation (will provide a release form)

Rooming-in, visitors, etc:

  1. Jeff & Krysty request that Hadley Room-in, or in the instance of Hadley requiring time in the NICU, that they are allowed to Room-in at the NICU.
  2. Once Hadley has returned to the room after her exam, visitors (parents and immediate family only) will be allowed to join us.
  3. Should any unannounced visitors request admittance to the birth center, at any point during our stay, Krysty & Jeff request that the front desk advise them that we are not allowing visitors at this time.  We can provide a list of visitors that are allowed if necessary.
  4. We request that Hadley NOT be given formula, or a pacifier during her stay, as Krysty will be breastfeeding
  5. Krysty would like to meet with a lactation consultant during stay

I know the plan has some components that are not at all flexible, and some that a bit more negotiable.  However, there are some things that I just cannot budge on.  And I also know that our desire to not have visitors in the hospital will offend, and even hurt some people’s feelings…but this is our experience and I just don’t want to be flooded with guests after just having given birth.  That is something that I have been very firm on since starting the planning process.  This is going to be such a life changing experience, and one that I will treasure forever…and one that I just don’t want to share with the world right away.


2 thoughts on “Birth Plan…the final draft”

  1. this is great! i just stumbled on your blog and this is the first thing i read. I’m impressed with your plan! I had my first in a hospital with a midwife and it was an amazing experience. I was able to labor in the water although they wouldn’t let me push there. (hospital policy) i was still able to have a completely natural birth and I loved it. (they did have to break my water because i stalled at 7 centimeters but after that i went straight into “transition” so it did what it was supposed to.) Now we’re expecting our second so this caught my eye. 🙂 Though we’re using a midwife again, we’re having him/her in a birthing center so most of this in non-applicable but it’s still given me some good stuff to think about! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for checking it out!
      We are having The Bump in a birth center too, it’s just in the hospital. I would prefer to have only a midwife, but due to The Bump’s complications we may end up having an OB involved.

      Thanks again for stopping by! Congrats & Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! 🙂

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