34 Weeks



How far along? 34 Weeks

Due Date: October 23rd 2013

Baby is the size of a: We find out at the growth scan on Friday!  Fingers crossed for good growth!

Total weight gain: 36 Pounds…the official gain from the scale at the clinic this morning…

Maternity clothes? Still getting away with a non NM pieces.  Above, Motherhood capris and striped top…LOVING this top.

Stretch marks? Belly is still all clear!

Sleep: Not so much lately…active baby, and active brain.

Movement: Lots, and then lots more.

Gender:  The Bump is a girl!

Names?  We’ve chosen Hadley as her first name…but are keeping her middle name a secret for now!

Best moment this week: Talking birth plan with the midwife!

Miss Anything: Lots of things…but this is so worth it.

Food cravings: Chocolate chip cookies…specifically Jimmy John’s Chocolate chip cookies.  And string cheese.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: Heartburn…and I pee every 10 seconds…

Wedding rings on or off? STILL On!

Belly Button in or out?  STILL IN!

 Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy, but getting anxious…and sometimes I can’t turn off the tears.  #pregnantladieproblems

Looking forward to: Friday…I cannot wait to see The Bump, and find out how she’s grown!

Baby purchases: A few odds and ends here and there…we didn’t get everything we wanted at the shower, so I have a list going of the things we still need!


Very excited to find out today that I am measuring at 34cms…I have been 3-4 cms behind for the last 3 months.  Which could be great news…so we will see on Friday how The Bump is doing.  But she has been super active.  All the time.

At the ultrasound last week she was just jammin out and dancing up a storm!  Super happy that she is an active girl!


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