DIY: baby gowns

In my search for clothes small enough for The Bump, I wanted gowns.  Lots and lots of them.  But…they are A) WAY too expensive, B) very limited in styles and C) Online only so I can’t examine them.

So…yeah I made my own.

PicMonkey Collage-gowns


What you’ll need:


soft knit fabric




Step 1:

Cut your knit fabric.  I bought 1/2 yd so that I could make a few accessories to go with like a hat.  But I only used about a 16 inch length.  Fold it in half, and sew it into a tube.  I then gathered it just a tiny bit at the top to make sure I had a good even seam where the onesie meets the gown part.

Crafty day 019


Step 2: Cut the onesie just under the armpit

Crafty day 018


Step 3: Pin the gown part, inside out onto the top part of the onesie, and then sew.  I used a straight stitch, but in hindsight should have done a zigzag for more stretch.  Also…when I do the others, I will be gathering with elastic thread, rather than polyester, for even more stretch.

Crafty day 020


Step 4: Add elastic at the bottom opening.

Crafty day 022


I have gotten 2 done, and have 4 more to do, but they will be bigger than preemie/newborn sizes.

Crafty day 024


I think they turned out great!  And they are so cute!

I have a few more baby items on my list to make, so I will share them for sure!


2 thoughts on “DIY: baby gowns”

    1. Thanks! I haven’t decided yet! I thought maybe I’d save them for making “cloth diapers” for her baby, as if she’s anything like me…she will have many!

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