I’m too pregnant for my shoes, too pregnant for my shoes…

Yes I am parodying “I’m too sexy”…I can use pregnant in the place of sexy and it super funny…I’m too pregnant for my shirt…I’m too pregnant for…well lots of things.

I had to go get new shoes today because all I had were sandals and flip flops and my feet won’t fit in my Toms, or any of my running shoes…not that I could bend over to get them on anyway!

Today we had another growth scan…and got THE BEST NEWS EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!

They took all the measurements…and came back with an updated weight for The Bump FOUR POUNDS ONE OUNCE!!!!!!!!  That is fan-frickin-tastic!  And double what she weighed 3 weeks ago!  So excited that my little Bump is now a big-ish Bump!  I think my jaw fell into my lap.  I had thought for the longest time that she might not clear 4 pounds at delivery because she had sooooo much catching up to do.  But thank goodness she listens to her Mama, and started gaining weight.



And clearly she is already a little nerdy girl… live long and prosper little one…



God I love this kid.


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