Nesting is super fun

This weekend the nesting bug kicked in BIG TIME.  I didn’t get through my list, but got a good start of some of the things that I had been putting off for a while.  I did not take before pictures, because honestly I am so ashamed at the level of disarray that they had achieved…

I started in the kitchen:

Reorganized the Silverware drawer


Cleaned out and reorganized the Junk drawer


Cleaned out and relocated all of the tupperware cabinet, and that is now an Isagenix Hub


Cleaned out the cabinet with the coffee and tea, relocated all of that, and that is now Baby Central


Cleaned out under the kitchen sink, reorganized it…finally.


Then I moved on to the Hallway linen closet and The Hubby’s bathroom

I cleaned his bathroom (all but mop the floors…that is happening today!)

Cleaned out and reorganized under his sink.  The cat(s) love(s/d) hiding in there are chewing on the TP, cords for the clippers, and plastic dixie cups…so it was a MESS.


Totally overhauled the linen closet.  We’d had a litter box in there for nearly 2 years, so we moved the towels out into our room, but now that there is no litter box in there, I thought it was high time the towels moved back in.  And then I set to getting rid of all the junk that we didn’t need, had expired, and organized and labeled the bins, drawers and baskets.  Plus, since the nursery had been my sewing room, some of those items needed to be relocated as well, so the dress form and supplies and my serger and sewing machine got moved to the linen closet as well.  I even sorted out the towels by his and hers bathrooms!

20130917-090630.jpg 20130917-090624.jpg 20130917-090617.jpg

There is still a bit of work in the nursery, but most of it I needs the Hubby’s help with, and it’s the last week before his CMA test, so it’s crunch time for him.  So until that’s over I will continue to so what I can on my own, and then…he’s MINE.

We had a nice stress free weekend after hearing the great news at the Ultrasound on Friday!  Now I can relax a little and focus on the fun stuff, instead of the stressful stuff.

Plus, I found out that I get to be a GOTR Fall 5k Ambassador!


I love Girls on the Run (GOTR)!  I won the bib for last summer’s Women’s Half Marathon from GOTR!  And part of that is a super fun honor.  But stay tuned for more info on that later this week!


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