35 Weeks



How far along? 35 Weeks

Due Date: October 23rd 2013

Baby is the size of a: The Bump weighs 4.1 pounds!  So happy she has put on some weight!

Total weight gain: 36ish pounds.

Maternity clothes? My wardrobe is still half and half.  Above, Gap maternity jeans and a tee from Target , non-maternity.

Stretch marks? None on the belly!  The old marks on the hips have not changed much.

Sleep: Better this week, except for the outrageous Braxton Hicks at night…

Movement: Tons, watching my belly bounce and dance is my new favorite pastime!

Gender:  The Bump is a girl!

Names?  We’ve chosen Hadley as her first name…but are keeping her middle name a secret for now!

Best moment this week: Getting the good news that The Bump had grown!

Miss Anything: Not being a sweaty betty every moment of the day and night.

Food cravings: Still on the cookie kick…and bananas and string cheese.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Labor Signs: Nada!

Symptoms: Lots of heartburn, Braxton Hicks, and I now have pregnancy face…you know…the big nose, brown spots..swollen everything.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but snug.

Belly Button in or out? Still in!

 Happy or Moody most of the time: Weepy more like.  But overall happy.

Looking forward to: The end…

Baby purchases: We are slowly gathering the last few things that we need…

Super happy after hearing that The Bump has grown!  It has taken a ton of stress off!  And allowed me to buckle down and get some serious nesting stuff done last weekend!

With only about 4 weeks to go there is still so much to do.

I am still trying to nail down a birth photographer, and that has been an absolute nightmare!  I am amazed at how unprofessional some of these ladies are.  It makes me want to do it once the bump gets here, just so there are more reliable, sane, professional photogs out there to choose from.

Only 4 more of these posts to go!!  AHHH!  So excited!!


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