Let the Baby Turning Olympics begin!


The Bump’s journey to our arms has begun it’s last leg!


I had a midwife appointment today and it seems that The Bump’s weeks of dancing on my cervix has primed it.  I am dilated to 2 cms and nearly 100% effaced…wow.  I sort of had an inkling that something was up on Sunday, as I just didn’t feel right.  And clearly my inkling was right.  So glad I had her check me.

However, The Bump is still breech and that doesn’t work for me.  If she’s decided that she’s ready to make her debut, or getting ready at the very least…she needs to get into position!  And NOW.




So my midwife gave me some great suggestions to help The Bump turn:

  • Inversions – Modified Bridge position
  • Spinningbabies.com, specifically the section on breech babies.  I love that this website was started by a Minnesota Midwife!!
  • The Webster technique (Chiropractic)
  • Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine – Moxibustion

In browsing the Spinningbabies.com site, there is a TON of great info on there!  Wishing I would have known about it months ago!

There are great Daily Dos, and Weekly Dos along with awesome info on Resting Smart, optimal resting positions.  I highly suggest this site, and all of it’s info for first timers, and even 2nd, or 3rd timers looking for a different experience.

So I will be doing inversions 2-3 times per day, and hopefully on Friday at the next scan I will see a little butt up by my ribs and not a face.


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