What’s TBFD with placenta encapsulation?

This subject has been “Eeewww”-ed by lots of my friends, and encouraged by more.  So After looking into it I decided that I would be encapsulating my placenta, and yup you got it…myself.


So you might be wondering…why in the world would you do that?

Because there are so many wonderful benefits to it!

According to The Barefoot Doula’s website:

The placenta is amazing! It provides nourishment to, and eliminates waste from, the baby. The baby takes oxygen from its mama with the help of the placenta. The placenta secretes hormones that regulate and maintain pregnancy, as well as blocking many harmful substances that may reach the baby. The placenta has amazing capabilities during the postpartum period too. It contains your own natural hormones and is made perfectly for you. If reintroduced into your system, the placenta can heal, sustain, and strengthen.

Your baby’s placenta is believed to:

  • balance energy depleted by labor & birth
  • replenish iron, minerals & vitamins
  • balance hormones
  • lessen postnatal bleeding
  • increase milk production
  • help you have a happier postpartum period
  • complement your body’s effort in returning the uterus to its pre-pregnancy state
  • be helpful during menopause

And really, the only con to this is the ewww factor.  While I would love to get this off my plate, most of the doula’s around here that offer the service, charge around $200 to do it.  And between the kit from The Barefoot Doula on Etsy, and the food dehydrator that I got on Ebay a few weeks ago…and of course my placenta, I can do this at home!  For less than $80!

The Barefoot Doula’s kit includes pretty much everything I need:

  • Disposable Cutting Board
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Fresh Ginger (not pictured)
  • Fresh Lemon Grass (Not pictured)
  • Vegetable Steaming Basket
  • Glass Amber Bottle
  • 150 Empty Capsules
  • Label For Your Bottle
  • Detailed Instructions On How To Encapsulate And Care For Your Placenta
  • Placenta Storage & Dosage Recommendation
  • Placenta Discharge Form For You To Present To The Hospital
  • Bonus: Placenta Tincture Instruction
  • 1 Hour Skype Consultation

Of course there are tons of instructions on the interwebs…and recipes should you choose to ingest your placenta in a method other than encapsulation.  And those hold much more of an eww factor for me, so I chose not to research those.  cooking my placenta and eating with a side of veggies…kinda grosses me out!  But no, steaming it, dicing it, drying it, grinding it and putting it in capsules does not. 🙂

Yes, strange I know.


2 thoughts on “What’s TBFD with placenta encapsulation?”

    1. I had known about it for a while, and had many good friends boast the benefits. After researching it, decided it was worth the ewww. 🙂

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