What’s TBFD with Moxibustion?

Welp, the Bump still has not turned…

Bad Baby!



And inversions only seems to tick her off, and make me want to hurl.  And sadly I am not a candidate for the preferred method, manually turning the baby; This procedure is known as an external cephalic version (ECV).  It’s done by applying pressure to your abdomen and manually manipulating the baby into a head-down position.  Because she is so small.  So…alternative methods it is!

Tuesday at my midwife appointment we discussed Moxa, or Moxibustion to help her get headed in the right direction, pun intended.

So what the heck is it you ask… well let me enlighten you!

Moxibustion is an externally applied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment using an herb called Moxa, more commonly known as ‘Mugwort’.  Moxa is compressed & rolled into a cigar-shaped herbal stick. Moxa sticks are then lit and held over acupuncture points. The radiant heat produced has the effect of stimulating the point.  The point that is used in the outer lower edge of both little toenails.

There have been a few studies on the effectiveness of Moxibustion in correcting a breech presentation.  So I figured, what the heck!  It couldn’t hurt!!

So Today I am off to the Alternative Care Clinic for some Moxibustion in hope that this little girl will do what she needs to do to get here safe!

Stay tuned for how that goes!!


2 thoughts on “What’s TBFD with Moxibustion?”

  1. Good luck. My first son was breach and didn’t turn. He seemed very comfortable head up. Ended up having a c-section. Although not what i originally planned, it wasn’t too bad. Hope your little bump turns for you.

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