Hadley’s Birth Story Pt 1


One cold February morning I found out that I was going to welcome a new life into this world. The journey that this little life took to get here was a long one, and at times a bit scary. But the reward at the end was so worth the uncertainty.

The Hubby and I had a plan, but plans change. We had been advised to come up with an “exit strategy” to make sure that The Bump made it here safe. But I wasn’t sure that I was ready…The Bump on the other hand, was.


I woke up on the morning of October 7th with some pretty intense back pain. But thought nothing of it, as I had been dealing with the back pain for weeks. Usually it want away after a few hours. Or it would subside and be at a manageable level. On this day, it never was at a manageable level. But I had stuff to do! It was getting down to the wire, and we had the Holmberg Freezer Fill up Party coming up later that week…so I needed to start the shopping, and get the last few pantry stock items, like TP. So off I went to run my my errands. By the time I got to Target, the pain was…really, really intense. Like take my breath away intense. So I cut the shopping short and high tailed it home to get my feet up, and grab some food.

I tend to handle pain by moving around, walking, stretching…movement helps me work through the pain. When I got home, I did manage to get all the groceries up to the apartment, via the elevator, a luggage dolly and a rubbermaid tote. I got the cold stuff put away and then realized that the pain was gone! Yay…oh wait. But then it came back.

After the 3rd time cycle of pain, no pain it hit me…I was having contractions. DUH! So I timed them out and they were 6 minutes apart and closing in on 5 minutes. When I realized that I got a bit scared, but called the midwives and explained what was happening. But my water had not broken, and no bloody show. So I wasn’t sure if I was in actual labor. The Midwife gave me two options: Come in and get checked, just to be sure since I was already dilated. Or wait until the contractions got stronger. I decided to go in. Something told me that was the best plan. I called The Hubby’s phone…no answer. 2 times no answer. Crap!

So I called the reception desk at his office and it turns out he was in a meeting. The receptionist actually thought I was Work Kristi, and not me…”Is there some one else that can help you?” “No, I need to go to the hospital, and I need Jeff to drive me…”

“Are you in labor?!”
“Uuummm…I think so but I’m not sure”
“I’ll go get him, hold on!”

When The Hubby got on the phone he asked the question that every expectant father asks:
“Is it time?”

The Hubby raced home, and we grabbed the hospital bag, and a few other things and off to the hospital we went…

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