November Photo Challenge Day 7

Day 7: Reflection


Interesting that this one falls just 1 month after having The Bump (Happy 1 month to The Bump!) …so I am posting my post baby body for all to see…and it’s scary.  I don’t recognize it.  There are more wobbly bits than I remember, and it’s lumpy and bumpy.  But I still love it.  It was home for my daughter for 9 months, it makes her food and gives her comfort.  It’s not beautiful in the way that it once was, but it’s beautiful in a new way.

I may never wear a bikini again, let alone a swimsuit in general…I leak from a few places…and can’t feel my right hand (yay for Postpartum carpal tunnel syndrome!)  but my reflection these days is still a thing of beauty.  This new role is a demanding one, and it is forcing me to take a long look at my reflection and accept what I see…a mother, a giver of life, and imperfectly perfect.


2 thoughts on “November Photo Challenge Day 7”

  1. It takes 9 months to go on…it may take 9 months to come off. Regardless, you have a fantastic attitude. Enjoy Hadley, sleep lots, eat well, and the rest will take care of itself.

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