2013 year in review and 2014 goals

As 2013 comes to a close, I am doing what I did last year…reflecting on the journey of 2013.  And What a year it was!  In reviewing my goals for 2013, I didn’t cross many of them off…

1. Run 5 half marathons

2. Run a full marathon

3. Participate in a Ragnar Relay

4. Compete in the Fitness arena….stripper heels, glitter bikini and a spray tan.  That sounds AWESOME!!

5. Get MARRIED.  🙂

6. Become a certified personal trainer

7. Advance to Executive in my Isagenix business

I am a bit bummed when I look back at goals that I thought were going to happen.  But when I made these goals I had no clue that this beautiful, amazing and unexpected creature was about to enter my life


I had no idea that I was about to be a Mom.  And that has been the greatest, most amazing journey of all.  I had always wanted to be a Mom.  It was a life goal.  But I thought it would never be.  I have no regrets about my list of unachieved goals for 2013, because I got to cross off a life goal.

So what else did I do in 2013?


I got married

Started, and stopped a new business

Revamped our appartment in my nesting phase

Learned about ancient Chinese baby turning

Got really friendly with the awesome nurses in the OBTU at HCMC

And the big one…had a baby

Had surgery on my hand

For 2014 I have some awesome goals to get my pre-baby body back, battle PPD, and just feel better about myself.

  1. Complete the Isagenix 30 Day Challenge (If you’d like to join too, just write my name Krysty Holmberg in the referral box!)
  2. Complete a Triathlon
  3. Run a Marathon, or this one, or maybe this one
  4. Run 3 half marathons like this one, this one and this one
  5. Get back to my pre-baby weight
  6. Get to 3 yoga classes a week
  7. Log 500 miles running…training for all of these races that will be no problem!
  8. Help launch LLS’s new training program for MOMS (stay tuned on that one!)
  9. Complete a 30 Day yoga challenge
  10. Complete my 30 Day ab and squat challenges every season (winter, spring, summer and fall)
  11. Learn a new skill
  12. Read a book every month
  13. Make a new friend

It’s more than one goal per month for the year, but hey…I am an overachiever. 😉


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