January Challenges!

Hello 2014, Goodbye 2013!  And good riddance to some bad habits.

Once upon a time in 2011, I made a promise to myself that I would not be fat again.  Since this time, I had a baby.  But did not gain weight responsibly during my pregnancy.  I ate, and ate, and ate.  And never really put much effort into exercise.  I tried…I went to yoga and got sick in down dog I can’t tell you how many times.  I tried running, but my heart rate would sky rocket in seconds…no good.  But what I see there are excuses as to why I chose to be lazy.  I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t work harder to stay at a healthy weight.  And now even postpartum I have fallen back into some pretty bad habits using the “I don’t have enough time”, or “I’m too tired” excuses for my food and activity level choices.

before & after

Me at 8 weeks pregnant, at 122lbs. I used Isagenix up to 3x per day, in addition to 3 healthy and balanced meals per day.

But I am tired of being fat.  Hi, my name is Krysty and I am a food-addict.

That photo above is my goal.  To at minimum, to get back to my pre-baby body before 2015.  I seriously hope I don’t need a year to do this, but being a Mom is hard work and time consuming.  I know that I can be a devoted Mom, and make time for me.  I need to make time for me in order to start to move past PPD, and get back to a version of myself that I know.  And I am so ready.

I am ready to forgive myself for the bad choices I made, and ready to start getting back to all of the good habits I made in order to get a body I loved.  Because I really don’t love this body I am in right now.  It’s rolly and not one I want to share, even with the one person who loves me no matter what.  I am very much ashamed of the state of my body right now; but I know that I can find the motivation to turn it into something that I can be proud of. And now for the fun part…duh-da-da-dum!  The challenges! As part of my 2014 goals I will be completing the Ab and Squat challenges each season.  And no better time like the present to start the first round!  Plus I also made a goal of running 500 miles this year.  So that means I need to run 1.5 miles every day to reach that.  I am planning on several races this year so I know I will beat that no problem.  I think it would be awesome if I could get a #runstreak going and run 1.5 miles minimum everyday until 2015…hmmm that sounds like fun!

I am also starting the year off with this great challenge.  I had a hard time with Isagenix during the first part of my pregnancy, and again used that as an excuse to fall off the wagon, and forget about it during the rest of my pregnancy…and postpartum.  But with an entire Isagenix cupboard in my kitchen I am so back on the wagon!


Hell, I may even bust out the juicer this week!


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