My $20 a week new food experiment

Something I wanted to try this year is expanding my palate while staying healthy and do it on a budget.  So I roped in The Hubs and presented the idea as $50 a month to try new stores, and new foods.  He did me one better and suggested $20 a week.  I can live with that!

I want to be able to find cheap produce, and clean snacking alternatives for us with this specific allocation of the grocery budget.  This isn’t in addition to our already $300 a month budget…it’s just a new way to spend it.  Ideally I would like to get away from getting groceries at Target.  I am not thrilled with them lately (credit and debit card hack…um YIKES!), and their selection is often rather disappointing.  Not to mention really spendy.  Plus we are still working the Holmberg Minimal Spending Act of 2013 this year so I would love to get that grocery budget down another $100!

With that said, I have been researching alternate food retailers for our main shopping as well as this new project.  But I felt like our grocery budget needs a makeover.  I stumbled upon this blog about clean eating, but the part that I took away was this:


  • Protein…..30%…..$90.00
  • Dairy…..20%……$60.00
  • Veggies….15%….$45.00
  • Fruits…….13%….$40.00
  • Grains….17%….$50.00
  • Mis….. 5%….&15.00

She breaks her budget down into percentages.  Which I love.  Although, I would change these ratios a bit.  Mine would look something like this:

  • Protein: 13%…$40
  • Dairy: 15%…$45
  • Veggies: 30%…$90
  • Fruits: 30%…$90
  • Grains: 6%…$20
  • Misc: 5%…$15

The reason behind adjusting the ratios is my desire to eat clean, whole foods.  So it would stand to reason that if you are eating clean that you should allocate more of your funds toward fruits, veggies and lean proteins.

20130822-113737.jpgI am really excited about this challenge, and what new goodies I can discover!   Stay tuned for the first edition of this challenge next week!


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