Purple Power Juice

Purple Power juice

Of all of the colors in the rainbow…purple is my favorite.  And when I saw those Blood Oranges at the store I knew I had to juice them!  If you’ve never had blood oranges before…you are missing out.  They have a beautiful red flesh inside…and they taste amazing.  The foam looks brown…but trust me, that juice is a beautiful shade of purple!

I had been looking for heirloom carrots…as I wanted to add purple carrots to this rather than the orange ones, but alas…they could not be found.  I’ve never been able to find them here in MN…along with purple potatoes…I need more purple food in my life!

purple power juice


You know the drill…wash, prep and cut the fruits and veggies per your juicer’s specifications.  Juice and enjoy!

New to juicing?  Want to know more?  Check out my getting started post for more info!


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