MDRA: Minnesota Distance Running Association

On Saturday I received my new member packet from MDRA, The Minnesota Distance Running Association. I am super excited about all of the tools and resources that they offer. Besides the community associated with this organization, the coaching and the races they sponsor, the offer volunteer opportunities. And since I am now a SAHM, I am looking for all of the volunteer opportunities that I can get!

And I also got this sweet Race Calendar…it’s also a training log too! So I spent Saturday night pouring over the calendar highlighting races that I want to do…54 in total. YIKES.

MDRA 2014 Race Calendar

I will obviously have to narrow it down a bit.

My criteria for choosing the races is as follows:

  • Lifetime Fitness Races (We are members)
  • Series Races
  • MDRA Sponsored races
  • Team In Training/MIT races

That still makes it about 30 events…which would be a 5k every weekend all summer. Which could be totally awesome, and super motivating!

Do races motivate you? Do you have a favorite race experience?


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