Virtual Ironman Boulder 2014

virtual ironman boulder 2014

A friend, and TNT Alumni is doing the Ironman Boulder this year and in an effort to raise her $3000 has roped some of us into (totally willingly by the way) doing this with her…virtually!  And I for one, am super excited.

So here’s how it works:

Registration Fee is a $50 or greater donation to the Ironman Foundation through her fundraising site (a steal compared to the normal $700 registration fee and it’s tax deductible!)  Between Feb 1st and June 30th you log every mile you swim, bike, run, walk, hike, ski, kayak…you can cover the distance in any way you like & in any increment you like!

You have ~ 20 weeks….that’s a mere 7 miles a week. You can totally do it! Recruit friends to join you! It’s always more fun with a training buddy! It’s a perfect excuse to start (or restart) that running program!

Your reward at the end is the exact same as the rewards at the end of Ironman….a cool medal and a t shirt you can wear proudly! They also serve you a slice of greasy cold pizza but I figured we could skip that. It’s true, a medal, a t shirt, pizza and bragging rights is about all you get but it’s totally worth it!

I’d love to see pictures of you out there doing training…post them here! And when you finish your 140.6, post your best finisher photo, make your donation and the prizes will be on their way!

I’m looking forward to a fun summer of virtual training, PRs and race and training photos with you all and can’t wait to hear about your own journey to 140.6!

Stay tuned for my training plan!


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