Goals and rewards

Something that motivated me 2 years ago was a goal of looking smokin hot in a bikini in Vegas for our Anniversary Trip to UT, Las Vegas, and CA, and the rewards I planned along the way.  And I totally did drop his jaw in Vegas in September.  So I decided that I needed to do that again.  All with the goal of looking smokin hot in a bikini on the beach in FLORIDA!  I love road trips!  And it will be The Babe’s first!

California here we come!

We are taking a summer road trip to Panama City in June to visit The Hub’s younger sister Camilla, and meet his youngest brother there after he graduates!  I am so excited!  I’ve only been to FL once before, when I was 15.  I was chubby, going through that ugly phase and after seeing photos of myself after the fact I struggled with body image issues for a while.  I still struggle to this day…but having lost all that weight 2 years ago only to put it back on has made me realize that I need to change my way of thinking in order to change my body, and finish what I start.

And I’ve also committed to a Virtual Ironman, and I joined a Ragnar Team!  So I did alter my race calendar a bit to take into account the training program for the Ragnar.  I have wanted to do a Ragnar for a while now…ever since I heard what it was!  And I have taken the full marathon off the table this year.  If I do get to do it…I’d be really excited.  But I think this year needs to be different.  I tend to over-commit myself and want to do too much.  So I am picking a few things and focusing on them.

So here are my short-term goals and rewards (You can follow my progress to the left on My Fitness Pal!

5 pounds – My great start! Reward: A Fitbit Force (or Flex…I’m undecided).  To keep me motivated, and help me track all my hard work for the training needed for this year.  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! 

15 pounds – My You-kick-butt Reward: New running shoes.  I know I will need them this year!  I looooooove my Mizuno Mushas.  They are the most amazing shoe I’ve ever met.  I must acquire more.

20 pounds – My Half-way there reward: A Spa day.  I have a gift card for a massage from Christmas from the Hubs.  So I will do a mani/pedi that day too and just reeeeeeelax.

1.18.14 108

30 pounds – My Almost there reward – A race medal & bib rack…to remind myself of all of my awesome accomplishments.


40 pounds  – My Congrats baby you did it! Reward: A smokin hot bikini…and some new clothes!  To remind me that I will never need my “fat clothes” again.  Ever.  This is the goal I hope to achieve by the end of May…so that I get to take all of those cute clothes on the road with us!

I am excited about this journey and very much looking forward to the trip!


3 thoughts on “Goals and rewards”

  1. So have you decided between the flex & force yet??!! I have the flex which is great because it is so small, the only downside is that the display is only dots that take a little while to realize what they mean. There are some patterns I’m still not even sure about over a month after having it! The Force I know gives you a bigger display, knows when you are climbing stairs, and gives you calories burned, flights of stairs climbed, steps, etc. right on the display. If I were to choose again I’d probably get the force since I like to see my progress through the day. Now, when I upgrade my phone I may change my mind since the newer smart phones can sync with either- and in that case I could check my phone for updates on those things on the free app. Currently, my smart phone OS doesn’t support syncing because it is an older model, so that means I need a laptop to plug the fitbit dongle into or use my ipad to get current stats with the flex since you can’t see them on the 5-dot-only display. At first I thought it would be ok, but now I know I would really like to see results right away. This means either upgrading to a new smart phone, or upgrading to the Force. Let us know what you decide & you can be my fitbit friend!!

    1. I’m pretty sure I’m going with the Force, I like the display better with the “watch” aspect. I wish it came in other colors though!! I’m such a girl that way! I’d love to be Fitbit friends!! ☺️

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