28 Day No Spending Challenge

We here at the Holmberg House are extending our Minimal Spending Act from 2013 into 2014.  SO in February we are undertaking this little challenge from Living Well Spending Less.   Ruth’s challenge is 31 days, but we will be doing this in the Month of February…so it’s 28 days.  P.S. I love her blog by the way.  You’ll notice ours is a minimal spending challenge…we have a baby; so I can’t make any promises that we won’t have to break our rules.

no spending

I am excited about doing this for a few reasons.  First, it will be really nice to have a daily task to focus on.  It’s hard to be a SAHM of a little baby.  Plus it will force us to eat from the pantry, and freezer until they are both empty.  And that will be super awesome because we’ve been wanting to clean both out for a while now.  And it will help me on my journey to eat clean.  By getting rid of expired foods, stockpiled foods and the junk, I will end up with a clean pantry and fridge/freezer.  Score.

Another task is to declutter, and unless you have a baby…you have no idea how much crap babies need.  Especially in those first few weeks when they go through 3-4 outfit changes in a day, the crib she never sleeps in (obviously the crib is staying!!)  and all of the random other junk that we’ve acquired over the years…it will be good to get rid of it and start 2014 off with a clutter free, minimal home   apartment.

All of these efforts will hopefully get us closer to house-hunting.  Taking 2 big trips (this one, this one) in the last year, plus a wedding, plus a baby has made for a bit of debt.  And we are just itching, well I am anyway, for a house.  One with a 2 car garage and a backyard for a garden… so we are really excited about getting real with the budget and seeing what we can really go without every month.

Read about how Day 1 went


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